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Environmentally-friendly digital flyer distribution sends information straight to your email inbox

Bethel Park School District has partnered with Peachjar to provide digital 
distribution of important school and community information directly to parents. Adoption of this new platform is in line with our efforts to promote positive relationships between schools and the community to enhance community support and involvement in school districts. Digitally distributing flyers is also part of our ongoing commitment to be more environmentally friendly and to ensure parents have quick and easy access to important information. 

Recently Posted Flyers

How to Send and Receive Digital Flyers

Receiving Digital Flyers through Peachjar:
You don't need an account to receive or view digital flyers. The account allows you to manage flyer delivery preferences. 

  • Add [email protected] to your email contacts to ensure smooth delivery of this communication.
  • Click “always display images” when you receive your first digital flyer.

Distributing Digital Flyers through Peachjar:

  1. Register with Peachjar as a "Program Provider" and upload your flyer for distribution to your desired school(s). ?
  2. Upload and submit your flyer to your Peachjar account.
    • Add call-to-action buttons such as “Call” and “Sign Up Now” for families to interact directly with your flyer.
    • You can use your account to view flyer metrics to monitor your flyer campaigns.
  3. Your submission will be routed automatically to the BPSD administration for approval.

Flyer Approval:

Once approved, the flyer will be emailed as a visually engaging, full-color image to all families who have their email address on file with the district at the school(s) you designated

For questions about the District’s content approval process, please email to [email protected].

Community Organizations

To request approval for a flyer, please follow the steps below. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to all parents and posted online. Paper flyers from outside organizations will only be distributed on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Visit 
  • Register as a Community Organization (account type). 
  • Upload your flyer for approval. 

Peachjar will automatically submit your flyer to the District administration, which will then review the material and approve or deny based on the standards below. Peachjar charges a small fee for this service that is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school. 

Flyer Standards

BPSD reserves the right to deny the posting and/or distribution of any flyer.
All flyers should:

  • Adhere to the BPSD Board of Education policy.
  • Align to the District's Strategic Plan.
  • Be educational in nature and serve the District's stakeholders consisting of students, parents, guardians, and the community
  • Be age-appropriate for K-12 students
  • Not contain sales-driven advertising language that simply promotes an individual, agency, and/or organization
  • Contain the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity
  • Be in PDF format, smaller than 10 MB in file size
  • If not sponsored by the school, include the District’s disclaimer statement as follows: This is NOT a school-sponsored event.

Flyers should NOT:

  • Solicit funds with the exception of participation fees
  • Promote a particular political candidate, party, or ballot
  • Position the District on a side of a controversial issue

Privacy & Disclaimer

  • This system is used exclusively for the distribution of school-approved flyers. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose.
  • The distribution of flyers is a community service and does not imply endorsement by the Bethel Park School District, its schools, or its staff.

Peachjar Support

Informational and Promotional Materials

Bethel Park School District may allow distribution through schools of informational and promotional materials that support district goals and initiatives; enhance educational outcomes for students; benefit students and families and encourage character-building activities and interests. Distribution of material shall be allowed in the schools subject to the requirements that follow unless the material is determined "unacceptable" as defined.

Program providers wishing to distribute the material at one or more schools shall submit the material to the Bethel Park School District administration through an online communications platform for digital flyer distribution at least one (1) calendar week before the proposed distribution date. The administration shall approve or disapprove the distribution based on the material’s acceptability and the program provider’s mission as it relates to the goals of the district. The administration may work with principals and department directors concerning these distributions.

Program providers will receive a notification upon approval or disapproval of materials. Approved materials will be emailed as digital flyers to families at selected schools and posted to a school-specific website(s) for digital flyers. Principals shall determine if, when, and how to display approved materials at the school site.  

Informational and/or promotional materials aimed at employees shall follow the same approval process and be delivered via email to employees and, when relevant, posted to an employee-specific website for digital flyers. 

Program providers shall agree to the following:

  • When the material is approved, it will be emailed to families and posted to the school-specific website for digital flyers.
  • Material emailed to families and shared to specific-school websites will include a disclaimer stating that the distribution of flyers is a community service and does not imply an endorsement by Bethel Park School District
  • Families may choose to opt-out from email distribution of digital flyers
  • Program providers shall pay a service charge to a third-party, district-approved online platform provider for the ability to distribute flyers by email and post them to school-specific websites
  • No direct access to school employees shall be granted during school hours. The principal may, but is not obligated to, allow representatives the opportunity to contact staff members after the instructional day on school property. In such cases, the normal facility rental fees shall apply

Unacceptable Materials

The following shall be considered unacceptable. Any material that: 

  • Is libelous or slanderous
  • Is indecent, vulgar or contains any indecent or vulgar language or representations, with a determination made as to the appropriateness of the material for the age level of students to which it is intended 
  • Advertises any product or service not permitted to minors by law 
  • Advocates violence or other illegal conduct
  • Constitutes insulting or fighting words, the very expression of which injures or harasses other people (e.g.: threats of violence, defamation of character on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation or belief, status with regard to public assistance, family care leave status, veteran status or citizenship status).
  • Presents a clear and present likelihood that will cause a material and substantial disruption of the proper and orderly operation and discipline of the school or school activities or will cause the commission of unlawful acts or the violation of  school regulations
  • Unless otherwise provided by law, announcements or informational materials requested by persons, organizations, groups, or agencies which are known or believed to be sectarian, discriminatory or not committed to equal opportunity, not devoted to community interests or child welfare, not generally recognized as owing their existence to the broad public and general interests or not aligned with strategic initiatives directed by the school board

In the event the administration rejects a request for the distribution of materials, the decision may be appealed to the superintendent.