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Schoology (Students)

Schoology Parent Overview and Training night videos
The Bethel Park School District is now using Schoology, an integrated learning management solution that provides course management, mobile learning, and support for system-wide communication, which will enable meaningful learning to take place during remote learning and beyond.
Schoology enables our students, parents and teachers to engage with learning materials and their school community from the classroom and remotely. We look forward to using Schoology district-wide in our classrooms beginning September 1, 2020 to enhance connectivity and communication across the Bethel Park School District. With Schoology, students can digitally submit homework assignments, review grades, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take tests, write academic blogs, and more.  As multiple school districts nationally have adopted this superior Learning Management System over the summer, training provided by them has been a challenge to coordinate. Therefore, we are rolling out training on an ongoing basis.  Our Bethel Park team will do everything we can to make this implementation successful.  
As a parent, you will be able to view your child’s activity within the platform. To begin our implementation process, login credentials for your child will be emailed to their bphawks.org account to access the Bethel Park School District Schoology system.  We are asking parents to use their child’s log-in credentials for the time being as we work through the process of linking parent accounts to student accounts.  This will be accomplished in early September and once completed, we will send each parent their own log-in credentials.  We value your participation in your child’s education, and we encourage you to read Schoology’s Privacy Policy & Terms of Use by clicking here.

Getting started:

The following links provide information and support for using Schoology. We have purchased 24/7 support from Schoology to enhance our troubleshooting capacity at this time.  We are also planning for support from our staff and we will be providing those details soon.  
Chromebook Login Directions to Schoology: (this reflects one elementary school-Therefore where it says Lincoln or Linc-please substitute in your child’s school)
Also, please visit “A Day in the Life presentations” on each school’s website homepage for additional information.

Daily Attendance:

K-4  Attendance will be collected in different ways at our elementary schools so as to provide flexibility and opportunities to access instruction throughout the day and evening.  A child will be marked present for the day if:
  • They are in attendance online during the morning meeting or
  • They access the Courses, complete and submit complete assignments during the day/evening by10 PM in the evening.  
5-12 Attendance will be taken daily through Schoology by your child logging into the Schoology page entering the Course named “Attendance,” filling out the form between 8 AM and 10 PM daily and submitting it.  Pennsylvania Department of Education Attendance policies are still in effect during this time.  Please make sure to complete this task daily.  


This unprecedented time demands flexibility.  Our teachers are up to the task to provide the best possible educational program possible.  With that in mind, with the use of Schoology, lessons, work, and expectations will be posted on the courses for you and your child to access on a daily basis.  Some students may not be able to participate in the live sessions, therefore students will have access to their online coursework anytime.  If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teachers and the building principal.  We will do our best to exercise flexibility and grace.
Student progress and activity will be monitored by faculty to ensure a safe, secure, and controlled environment.  The Confidentiality & Acceptable Use Guidelines for Remote Instruction and the SYNCHRONOUS SESSION – AUDIO/VIDEO RECORDING CONSENT FORM will be sent to our families tomorrow.   
We look forward to the 2020-21 School Year and as always please contact us with any questions or concerns.