Bethel Park School District Launches New Website

Bethel Park School District is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website! Over the past 18-20 months, our team has worked tirelessly with our partners at Edlio to build a new website that reflects our school district’s core values and priorities and our respective schools’ programmatic offerings. The new site will improve navigation for students, families, staff, faculty, and community members, providing a refreshed “digital front door” for new families interested in learning more about the Bethel Park School District.

The new website is still a work in progress and continues to be built with mobile users as our primary target audience. That represents a significant shift from the district’s former desktop-centric approach. Mobile users, which our analytic tools indicate represent most of our visitors, should notice a vastly improved digital experience.

We also set out to create a website that is much more accessible than its predecessor. We have painstakingly deconstructed and rebuilt the site to ensure that all school community members can experience the site as a reliable information source.

Our new online calendar is separated by districtwide, school, and athletic events. It is synced to the website directly through Google Calendars, allowing families to easily subscribe to them and seamlessly integrate BPSD events into their calendars, tailoring them to their specific needs.

The new website is the latest addition to our expanding digital portfolio. In recent years, the district has also significantly increased its social media presence to amplify the achievements of our students and staff. BPSD has also replaced printed fliers with a much more environmentally friendly approach. It has completely revamped its school-to-home communication tools for more efficient dialogue between our schools and families. The district has also created a separate website to address Bethel Park’s ongoing facility improvements.

Tell Us What You Think!
We know that our new website is still a work in progress. We appreciate your patience and feedback as we completely reshape how we share information about our students and staff with our community. Our challenge from the start has been to create a much more mobile-friendly site without sacrificing the desktop-friendly content our families have come to expect. Please submit any issues, questions or comments to this feedback form.

New Website Highlights:
Truly mobile responsive: Check out the website on your mobile phone and tablet. It’s a much cleaner experience than our former website.

Updated navigation: The main menu and audience landing page architecture have been updated to help you find the information you need more intuitively and efficiently. 

New ways to explore our schools and programs: Students and their families can now explore them in various ways that were not previously possible.