Washington Elementary’s Green Team Hosts Metal Recycling Event

Earlier this spring, Bethel Park residents had the opportunity to clear out their garages and other storage spaces and help the planet simultaneously as part of Washington Elementary School’s second annual metal recycling event.

Dozens of vehicles stopped by the school’s parking lot to unload various metal items, from hangers to cans to door knobs and pots and pans. They also unloaded trucks full of car parts, washing machines, grills, and even tent poles.

The event was the brainchild of Washington Elementary School's third grade teacher, Mrs. Tammy Williams. Along with school librarian Mrs. Rebecca Minella, Williams enthusiastically leads the school’s Green Team, which regularly sponsors environmentally friendly activities, including leading the school’s recycling efforts. 

“I have always been interested in finding ways to preserve our environment, and the WE Green Team is a perfect way to do that,” said Williams. “I can’t think of anything more important to teach our children than ways to preserve our planet.”

According to Williams, which regularly recycles plastics, papers, and cardboard boxes at the school, the idea for the metal recycling drive came organically during one of the Green Team’s bi-weekly meetings. “Metal can be recycled forever,” said Williams. “I think that part has been lost, so we wanted to bring that back to the forefront of peoples’ minds.”

The veteran teacher was thrilled with the community’s response to the metal recycling drive, which resulted from a partnership between the school and the Municipality of Bethel Park, Vericheck Technical Services, and Michael Brothers Hauling and Recycling. Evey True Value Hardware also contributed to the event.

According to Williams, the community’s response was remarkable. “So many people came out to contribute to the cause, and everyone seemed so happy and appreciative,” she gushed. “That was a very gratifying feeling.”

“Everything big starts small and recycling is no different,” said Minella. “Metal recycling events like the one we held allowed people to bring items, big and small, and together we made a really big difference. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next.”

Michael Brothers provided the hauling services and accepted cans, holiday lights, USB cables, power cords, pipes, metal siding, scrap metal, and more. Michael Brothers did not accept propane tanks, televisions, computers, electronics, chemicals and gas cans, and refrigerators.