BPHS Welcomes NHS Class of 2024

The Bethel Park High School Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 96 new members, including six seniors, 14 juniors, and 76 sophomores, at a ceremony held on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, in the Bethel Park High School auditorium. 

To be eligible for induction, students had to have a 3.85 cumulative GPA, perform at least 35 hours of community service over one year before induction, demonstrate leadership, and submit a letter of recommendation from Bethel Park High School faculty. Applicants were also asked to write an essay detailing how they have shown leadership in the community over the past year, which the NHS Faculty Council reviewed.

The senior class inductees included:

  • Gavin Clancy
  • Isabella Rusiski
  • Lauren Vetere
  • Rebecca Keen
  • Samantha Shields
  • Louis Williams

The junior class inductees included:

  • Abigail Goldenberg
  • Lydia Goodman
  • Lindsay Gruska
  • Addison Gurganus
  • River Hendrych-Bondra
  • Emma Krchmar
  • Camryn Perrucci
  • Ryan Petras
  • Kelsie Rendulic
  • Angelia Robinson
  • Morgan Schmude
  • Brea Schoffstall
  • Jala Schoffstall
  • Ryan Walsh


The sophomore class inductees included:

  • Lillyanna Alston
  • Jack Barzan
  • Alisa Basile
  • Zachary Bateman
  • Tyler Benlock
  • Siera Bennett
  • Julia Bitkowski
  • Shayla Blair
  • Kathryn Boff
  • Thomas Bruney
  • Ryan Burns
  • Timothy Burt
  • John Busalacchi
  • Jenna Carroll
  • Laura Casaldi
  • Ava Cerro
  • Isabella Coleman
  • Madison Cook
  • Callee Dalbon
  • Harley Dale
  • Evan Devine
  • Mia DiPaolo
  • Gavin Edkins
  • Kiley Flanigan
  • Reese Fontanesi
  • Lucas Fowler
  • Charlotte Gaston
  • Samira Gorman
  • Mallory Gramm
  • Ferlinghetti Harter-Hughes
  • Colin Heitzenrater
  • Kayla Henley
  • Sophia Howrylak
  • Chelsea Hudak
  • Emilie Hughes
  • Sarah Jakel
  • Keilen Jones
  • Jaden Laflam
  • Nina Lane
  • Jacob Lang
  • Joanna Little
  • Zhao Lu
  • Hailey Luntz
  • Cody Majetich
  • Madeline Masztak
  • Reese Mellinger
  • Peyton Michaels
  • Karsyn Mitchell
  • Rylee Nanni
  • Sadie Nelson
  • Makayla O'Neill
  • Aaron Owen
  • Grace Perdziola
  • Jaclyn Pivetz
  • Grace Plassio
  • Mia Propcheck
  • Dylan Quinn
  • Julia Ratti
  • Nicholas Rillo
  • Cecilia Romary
  • Natale Romito
  • Marley Rose
  • Elizabeth Santelli
  • Ashlyn Schmidt
  • Wyatt Sodini
  • Anastasia Spano
  • Sinjin Stainbrook
  • Gavin Stoehr
  • Owen Turoski
  • Kuon Verbosky
  • Colton Wahl
  • Parker Walton
  • Kaelyn Weber
  • Danielle Whitaker
  • Carter Windham
  • Caroline Zelt

Seniors Bryce Clancy, who spoke on character; Charli Donaldson, on scholarship; Logan Burke, on leadership; and Ella Milliken, on service, spoke on the four pillars of the National Honor Society.

The 2024 Alumni Hall of Fame Induction ceremony immediately preceded the induction ceremony. The honorees included N. David Campbell ’74, William J. Ceyrolles ’69, Andrew P. Katlubeck III ’80, Dr. Karl B. Kern, MD ’70, and Dr. Antonio Ripepi, MD ’81. They each shared a few brief words of wisdom and encouragement with the students and briefly discussed their respective journeys.  

Bethel Park High School Principal Mr. Joseph Villani said the two events are naturally entwined, which is why he considers these events among the most important on the academic calendar.

“Tonight, as we celebrate the journeys of the alumni who came before you and who have already blazed their paths, and as you begin to embark on your journey, know that we are very proud to welcome you to this year’s induction class. We do not doubt that a bright future awaits you because you, too, exemplify what makes Bethel Park such a special place to live and learn,” he said.

Bethel Park High School science teacher Mr. Sean O’Brien is the Faculty Advisor to the National Honor Society.