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First Graders Meet More Community Helpers
Students gathered in front of the fire truck
William Penn First Graders had the opportunity to meet two more Community Helpers--Bethel Park Fire Chief David Gerber and Deputy Chief Bob Brown.
The firefighters came to Penn with a fire truck to talk to the students about how they help the community.  The firemen went over some important points with the students in case of a fire, including:
  • Get out of the building before doing anything else.
  • Call 911 after you are safely out of the building.
  • Go to the meeting place your family has set up in case of emergency.
  • Don't go back into the burning building for any reason.
  • If you can't get out, don't hide.  Stay near a window where the firefighters can see you.
  • If you can get out, stay low/crawl out.
  • If your clothes catch on fire--cover your face and stop, drop and roll.
Deputy Chief Bob put on all of the firefighting equipment so the students could see what he looks like when he's fighting a fire.  He told the students not to be afraid if they see someone dressed like him, because they are there to help.  Deputy Chief Bob told the students that by the time he puts on his fire fighting clothing and air tank, it adds another 70 pounds.  In a real fire, he said he can get dressed anywhere between 60 and 90 seconds.
The highlight of the visit was the tour of the fire truck in the William Penn circle.  Students were interested in seeing the types of equipment that was on the truck, and they especially enjoyed being able to climb into the back seat of the truck and sit.  They were also interested in learning that the Bethel Park Fire Department is comprised of all volunteers.  The firemen talked about the training that goes into being a fire fighter and encouraged the students to consider volunteering their time once they turn 18.
The firemen gave each of the students a black and orange Bethel Park Fire Department drawstring bag to remember their visit to their school. 
Thank you, Bethel Park Fire Department, for keeping us safe!  Please click here to see some photos from their visit to Penn.