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BPHS French Students Do Well in Le Grand Concours 2021
Each school year, Bethel Park High School French students take the National French Exam – or Le Grand Concours. To receive a Gold Medal for the rigorous exam, students must score in at least the 95th percentile of all participating students. Silver Medalists must be at least in the 85th percentile. To earn a Bronze Medal, students must reach the 75th percentile plateau; and Honorable Mention candidates must score in the top half of all students taking the test.  
Sixteen Bethel Park High School French students scored well enough to be recognized in Le Grand Concours 2021, including two Silver medalists and five Bronze medalists.    
Bethel Park High School French teacher, Mrs. Rachael Smith, who administers the test along with her colleague, Mrs. Tracy McCoy, is very proud of her students’ achievements this year.  “Despite facing unprecedented challenges that greatly impacted everyone’s preparation time, to have so many students score so well on this test is truly remarkable and a testament to both their intelligence and their commitment to academic achievement,” she said.
French V
Lauréat National: 
Bronze Medal (75-80 Percentile):
Weeam Boumaza
Tobias Roule
Marissa Wycinsky
Lauréat National: 
Silver Medal (90 Percentile):
Oluwatoyosi Egbebi
Mention D’Honneur (65-50 Percentile):
Sadie Fedor
Anna Rosemeier
Evan Zelt
Lauréat National:
Silver Medal (85 Percentile): 
Cora Martin-Farmer
Bronze Medal (80 Percentile):
Tatum Brown
Addison Hill
Mention D’Honneur (70-50 Percentile):       
Aletris Eckert
Anna Marie Lorenzi
Yingzhi Lu
Max Smith
Katharine Tena
Andrew Williams