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Bethel Park School District Fact-Finding Materials And Statement
Negotiations Update
Under Act 88, when a public school and a bargaining unit engage in Fact-Finding under the statutory process, the Fact-Finder takes testimony, receives evidence and then prepares a Report and the parties are required to either approve or reject.  If both parties approve the Report, then it becomes the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  If either party rejects the Report, the Report is publicized by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board and the parties are required to vote on the Report a second time.
At its meeting on May 28, 2019 the Bethel Park Board of School Directors voted 9-0 to reject the Fact-Finder’s Report.  The Board entered into Fact-Finding with the hope that a new contract with the Federation’s Paraprofessionals and Aides would be achieved. 
The current contract expired on June 30, 2016.  The District has been adamant that the current contract contains language which unreasonably restrains the District’s ability to operate its programs and manage its staff, and that changes to that contract language must occur.  At Fact-Finding, the District offered above-market value raises and full retroactivity in exchange for modification of this restrictive language. 
Copies of many of the documents submitted by the District are included in this posting (links are below).  Regrettably, the Fact-Finding Report did not recognize the urgency of this matter and the unfairness of the present language, and accordingly the Board voted to reject it.  
The District will continue to advocate for a fair contract which permits the District to exercise managerial rights necessary for the efficient and effective operation of its schools while providing appropriate compensation to the District’s employees.

Attachments Available To Download:
Fact Finding Table of Contents
Negotiations Meeting History
Fact Finding Proposal Salary--District Issue #1--Salary
Retro Pay Graph
Fact Finding Proposal Article 3--District Issue #2--Article 3
Summary of Other Districts' Management Rights
Recent Grievance History RE: Article 3
Fact Finding Proposal Involuntary Transfer--District Issue #3--Article 23
Fact Finding Proposal Health Care--District Issue #4--Article 37
Fact Finding Proposal Severance--District Issue #5--Article 27
Fact Finding Proposal ERI--District Issue #6--Early Retirement Incentive
Federation Fact Finding Proposal Term--Federation Issue #1--Term of Agreement
Federation Fact Finding Proposal RE: Fair Share--Federation Issue #2--Fair Share/Agency
Federation Fact Finding Proposal RE: Article 11 Committee--Federation Issue #3--Article 11
Federation Fact Finding Proposal RE: Court Witness--Federation Issue #4--Article 27--Leave of Ab.
Fact Finding Report