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BPHS French Honor Society Inducts 25 New Students; Recognizes 37 Returning Members
The French NHS SeniorsBethel Park High School inducted 25 new members into the French National Honor Society and recognized 37 returning members, during its sixth annual Induction Ceremony, held on April 24.
Newly inducted students include French IV juniors Kevin Kerr and Aiden MoncavageFrench III senior Waylin Robinson and sophomores Samantha Heiser, Kylie Jones and Rylee TuroskiFrench II Honors sophomores Tia Kean and Marguerite Young, and freshmen Megan Cunningham, Toyosi Egbebi, Sadie Fedor, Briauna Harris, Riley Hunter, Anna Rosemeier, Allison Scarlett and Isabella Young; and French II junior Naomi Yarroll, sophomore Kadin Gray and freshmen Stefania DiPrampero, Alexandros Fekos, Isabelle Finnegan, Tesa Glaser, Emma Karstensen, Max Radcliffe and Claudia Shrager.
Returning members include AP French V seniors Joseph Bilski, Lori Gatz, Patra Hsu, Samantha Huwe, Vanessa Vargo, Kara Wentz and Jenelle WuFrench IV Honors seniors Rachel Anischenko, Desiree Saether and Anton Yanovich, juniors Jessica Ashton, Madison Becker, Lindsay Cook, Cameron Fondelier, Miranda Johns, Jordan Rogers, Ruth Rubican, Jaxon Stewart, Tianna Torles, Haley Zevola and sophomore Emily Smith.
 Also recognized as returning members were French III Honors junior Caleb Shook and sophomores Weeam Boumaza, Kevin Collins, Madelyn Hoffmann, Natalie Manns, Abigail Phillips, Tobias Roule, Delaney Thomas, Rachel Toth, Marissa Wycinsky and Evan ZeltFrench III junior Karen Cristina Juarez and sophomores Rachel Fulton, Amanda Malloy, Hannah Ulakovic and Michael Walsh.
Newly inducted students received a certificate.  Returning students received pins, and all seniors received Honor Cords.
Students who maintain at least a 90 percent average in French during the 2018-2019 school year were eligible for induction.
The  highlight of the ceremony were the remarks made by the seniors, who shared their experiences in the French Program at Bethel Park High School.  The students shared how much they looked forward to the class and the memories they created with their classmates and teachers.  Many of the students are looking forward to continuing their study of French in college and participating in study abroad experiences in France.
The students are taught by Bethel Park High School French Teachers Tracy McCoy and Rachael Smith.  Please click here to see some photos from the Induction Ceremony.