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Memorial Students Win Gifted Challenge Cup
Memorial students with the Gifted Challenge CupCongratulations to the Memorial Gifted Students who worked together to win the Bethel Park Elementary Gifted Challenge Cup for the second consecutive year!
All Bethel Park Elementary Gifted Students met at Washington Elementary School for a friendly team competition, which tested their skills in games such as Square Up, Q-Bitz and Tangrams.  Students also worked together as a school team to solve puzzles, and they competed against one another in grade level STEAM challenges that had them building structures using items such as popsicle sticks, clothes pins and plastic cups.
Each team wore a different color and created a poster with their team names:
  • Memorial Marauders -- Blue
  • Golden Penns -- Yellow
  • Lincoln Mushrooms -- Green
  • Washington World Champions -- Orange
  • Franklin Foxes -- Red
The day was a lot of fun!  Thanks to the parents who helped Elementary Gifted Coordinator Mrs. Yost with the event!  Please click here to see some photos.