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BPHS French Students Welcome Pasteur Pierre
Pasteur Pierre
The BPHS French Club and National French Honor Society were delighted to welcome Pasteur Vaugelas Pierre from the Republic of Haiti (a francophone country in the Caribbean) to speak to all of the BPHS French classes.  

Pasteur Pierre has been visiting Bethel Park since the mid-2000s when the high school began partnering with his schools.  

For $240 per year, the BPHS French students have provided a Haitian student with an education and one warm meal per day for an entire year.

Bethel Park is sponsoring its fourth student, Richina Leger, in 10th grade.

Pasteur Pierre shared with students a broad overview of life in his country. With grace, dignity, and a warm smile, he focused on daily life, education, and the general struggles of the Haitian people.

Bethel Park students are very lucky to have that excellent opportunity and are donating $250 so that when he returns to Haiti, he can buy rice and beans for any needy students or families (25 buys 25 lbs of rice or beans).

Anyone interested in sponsoring a student or helping supply food should go to: