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Long Time in Coming
Anne Davis2
In a recent small ceremony held at Bethel Park School District’s central administration building, Anne Davis became the latest member of the Bethel Park High School Class of 1980 when she was granted an honorary diploma by the Bethel Park school board as part of a program called, “Operation Recognition.”

Davis actually attended Burgettstown Jr./Sr. High School from 1976-78, but dropped out of school to care for her ailing mother.

Anne would later go on to found Horses with Hope. This local organization focuses on improving the lives of children, youth, and adults, assisting them in reaching beyond their abilities, and allowing daily success and milestones to be accomplished by the partnership developed by horse and rider.

Earlier this year, Davis’s brother, Justin Laboon nominated her for the Operation Recognition honorary diploma program. After hearing her story, the school board agreed that Anne was an ideal candidate for it.  

According to Bethel Park Superintendent Dr. James Walsh, who presided over the ceremony, Anne’s story represents the best of Bethel Park.  

“Overcoming difficult challenges as a young person, facing the world alone, required incredible courage, resilience, and mountains of hope,” he said. “And now, looking back, those qualities secured her  journey and led to acts of sacrifice, compassion, and mentorship, which have put her on a rare level of distinction and have inspired our entire community.“