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French NHS
French NHS
On Wednesday, April 26, 2023, the Bethel Park High School chapter of the Société Honoraire de Français held its annual spring induction ceremony. Twenty-seven new members were welcomed into the French NHS.

This year's honorees included:

French II Honors (17):

Alisa Basile

Elliett Briggs

Ava Cerro

Jacob Coffield

Harley Dale

Nathan George

Jonathan Hemphill

Andrew Hughes

Joanna Little

Lucy Martin-Farmer

Grace Perdziola

Ashlyn Schmidt

Owen Turoski

Madison Tygart

Emma Whalen

Danielle Whitaker

Caroline Zelt

French II: (9)

Ryan Burns  

Ayden Dawson   

Aida Fleck  

Isabella Lybarger 

Madeline Masztak  

Scotlyn Paxton  

Juliana Pichora  

Grace Plassio 

Natale Romito 

French III Honors (1):

Maria Catana

Returning Members (36): 

French III (12):

Audrey Campbell (ab)

Martin Devine

Carly Dowell

Megan Geraud

Lucy Heckla

Jesse Huber

Victoria Krappweis

Nicholas Krastev

Zachary Kucharik

Max LeMessurier

Kamiya Martin (ab)

Ella Sabanovic

French III Honors (11):

Devin Collier (ab)

Subbasri Dhandapani (ab)

Charlize Donaldson

Madelyn Hughes

Tyler Kramer

Amber Kuss

Amelia Lancet

Lyla Walsh

Sara Walters

Kristen Weiss

Katie Yonish

French IV Honors (4):

Bryce Clancy  226

Olivia Dawson  226

Jesse Lester  318

Grace Skalniak  240

French IV Regular (5):

Leo Devine  227

Lidia Lorenzi  233

April Lucidore  233

Margaret Pivetz  236

Vanessa Troxell  330

French V AP (4):

Leah Armstrong  311

Tatum Brown  310

Emily Ciranni  312

Cora Martin-Farmer  319

Here is a video of the event: