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BPHS Excels at German Day Competition
German Day
Honors and AP German students from Bethel Park High School earned four 1st place, two 2nd place, and one 3rd place awards at the 2023 AATG Three Rivers German Day Competition at Washington & Jefferson College on March 14.
 Senior Jason Turske earned first place in the Poetry Recitation category for the second straight year with his recitation of the poem “Wie freu’ ich mich der Sommerwonne” by Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben.  Junior Jacob Kalogeris took first prize in the Fiction Writing category with his original German short story, and sophomore Nathan Disori placed first in the Poetry Writing category with his original German poem.  Junior Chloe Gorman earned first place in the Folkloric Arts and Crafts category for her handmade, ‘70’s-inspired Bavarian Dirndl with matching pants.
 Turske and Kalogeris, freshmen Sadie Nelson and John Busalacchi, sophomore Cameron Wallace and juniors Parker Nelson and Jack Edner placed second in the Musical Performance category with their acoustic rendition of the German rock song “Mach die Augen zu.”  Junior Lucas Hertzel also placed second in the Non-Fiction Writing category.
 Bethel Park’s team also finished third in the Culture Bowl.  Senior Cody Hendrych-Bondra captained the team, including Hertzel, Disori, and Busalacchi.
 Bethel Park’s seven awards were the most of the fifteen schools in attendance.