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Students Present Big Data Projects At SHASDA
BPHS Students at the SHASDA forum
Bethel Park High School students Sabrina Tatalias and Alyssa George represented their school at the SHASDA Student Forum, which was held on March 1 at Upper St. Clair High School.
SHASDA is an acronym for South Hills Area School Districts Association and it is an organization that represents 23 school districts in the southern part of Allegheny County and the northern part of Washington County.
For this event, students were encouraged to share projects they are working on at their school.   Sabrina and Alyssa shared the projects they put together for the Big Data/Data Analytics class at Bethel Park High School, including "Does Your Income Predict Your Performance on PSSA Exams" and "Why Might New York Rank 50th for Organ Donors?"  They also talked about the class to the people who stopped by their table to learn more.