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Let's Go Fly A Kite!
Students with their kites
Second graders in Mrs. Vescovi's room are getting ready for spring by making  paper kites!
The students began learning about kites by reading the story, "The Emperor and the Kite," and tied it into a discussion about things people do in springtime.  The students also learned about the many uses of kites throughout history and watched a video clip about the Children's Kite Festivals in Singapore and Dubai.  The students were amazed that the parks and children in the video clip looked just like kids and parks in Bethel Park!
Students also learned that the Wright Brothers flew kites at Kitty Hawk to learn more about flying as they were developing the world's first successful airplane.
When the students were ready to make their own kites, they also learned about the concept of symmetry, by only applying dollops of paint on one half of the kite. Then they folded their kite in half and the design they painted on one half of the kite transferred to the other half, creating a beautiful kite!