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Science Fair Showcased Some Interesting Projects
Student with his project
The Franklin Science Fair showcased some very interesting projects!
Students could either work on their own or with a partner on a topic of their choosing.  The topics at this year's Science Fair were varied and included studies on bacteria, how to make a lava lamp, chromatography and temperature's impact on a ball's ability to bounce.
Attendees at this year's Science Fair learned a great deal!  And we mean it when we say that it was difficult for the judges to pick the winners!
The winners of this year's Science Fair were:
First Place (three-way tie) -- Gabriella Walsh (It's A Breeze--My Own Windmill), Caleigh Shannon (Mold) and Catherine Carberry (Do Whitening Toothpastes Really Work?)
Second Place (three-way tie) -- Emily Reid (Which Freezes Faster--Hot Water or Cold Water?), T.J. Burt and Alex Donihi (Which Has More Vitamin C?)and Kaylie Conway and Adrianna LaGamba (Do Plants Need Water to Grow?)
Third Place -- Hans Greefkes and Sophia Willis (Bristle Robots)
Students also had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on science experiment called "Instant Snow!'  The experiment showed how a polymer combined with water can create indoor snow.  Students were able to add colors to create their own version of snow!  It was fun for kids and adults!  
Congratulations to all of the winners!  Please click here to see some photos from this year's Science Fair!