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Lincoln Hosts 2018 Invention Exposition
Student with her project
Lincoln Elementary School once again hosted the annual Elementary Gifted Exposition and this year's theme was "Inventions."
The students worked very hard to select an invention that inspired their creativity and imagination.  Once they selected their invention, they researched the inventor and how the invention has changed over the years.  They created a tri-fold presentation board and shared their findings with the families and friends who attended this event, and walked around to learn more about these exciting inventions that have changed our lives.
Some of the inventions included high tech tools such as computers, video game consoles and drones, while other inventions were designed to help people, such as eyeglasses, band aids and penicillin.  Many students explored food inventions such as popsicles, hamburgers and potato chips.
Here are the Lincoln students who participated:
  • Ian Graff -- The Automobile
  • Ellie Willson -- Ice Cream
  • Coulter Donaldson -- The Frisbee
  • Veronica Balkovec -- The Automobile
  • Riley Philage -- The Elevator
  • Lillian Graff -- The Band Aid
  • Mackenzie Alderman -- The Flushable Toilet
  • Jack Janosik -- Coca-Cola
  • Rena DiOrio -- Coffee
  • Lillyanna Alston -- The Rocket Belt 
The students did a fantastic job!   Please click here to see some photos of the Lincoln students.  The students were guided throughout this process by Elementary Gifted Coordinator Lisa Yost.