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Team Ranger Figurative Language Projects
Student with architecture project
Fifth Grade students on Team Ranger had fun with Figurative Language, participating in a three-project assignment that reinforced the terminology of figurative language.
First, all students participated in a Cereal Box Project, that had them decorating all sides of a cereal box with the definitions and examples of figurative language, such as hyperbole, alliteration, metaphor, simile, idioms, onomatopoeia and personification.  Their completed cereal boxes were displayed from Mr. Yost's classroom ceiling.
Then the students were able to choose two assignments from a list of eight to further demonstrate their knowledge of the subject.  Some of the projects they were able to work on included making collages, creating quizlets, making flash card concentration-type games and creating an architecture project that incorporated figurative language.
The architecture projects were especially impressive, as students created buildings such as "Hyperbole High School" and "Alliteration Apartments."  The quizlet games were also fun, as students competed on teams against one another to correctly identify the figurative language example before the other teams could.
Please click here to see some photos of the figurative language projects that are on display outside the Team Ranger hallway.