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Participate In The Wellness Rewards Program And Earn $100!
Take advantage of a simple wellness rewards program offered by Highmark and the Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium and earn $100!
If you are the primary card holder covered by the ACSHIC Highmark plan, you can participate.  You must complete all of the activities by June 30, 2018 to earn $100.  PLEASE NOTE: None of the information that you provide Highmark will be shared with the Bethel Park School District.
If you successfully complete the program, you will receive $100 through the BPSD payroll system.  Once ACSHIC provides the District with a final count for the successful participants, ACSCHIC will provide the District with the reward money, which will be distributed to you some time after June 30, 2018 through the BPSD payroll system.  This money will be subject to applicable payroll taxes. 
To learn how to get started, please click on the link below.   If you have any questions, please contact Mary Gallagher.  Thanks for staying heallthy! 
Attachments Available To Download:
Wellness Rewards Program Information