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Families Work Together On Scratch Jr Program
Students with their father
William Penn families are learning together, thanks to a program called Scratch Jr!
This year, 11 students and their parents are returning to school on Tuesday evenings for four weeks, to enjoy a meal together and then to embark on learning projects with PBS Kids and the Scratch Jr coding program.
The end result of the program is that each family will have worked together to create an original story on the iPad with Scratch Jr., featuring PBS Kids characters.
Through this active, creative and collaborative learning program, students understand that it's OK to make mistakes, and that trial and error is a valuable way to learn.  By making mistakes, students learn to persevere and find creative solutions to their problems.
Parents learn to be facilitators, rather than doers for their children, and help them to develop independence and other essential learning skills.
At the end of the four-week program, the families will share their newly created stories with one another. Throughout the four weeks, they also receive take-home materials from PBS that provide them with ideas for crafts and reading that they can do together.  This program is possible only through a partnership with local PBS TV station WQED.
Helping to facilitate this program are Laura Huth, Jessica Nachreiner, Jessica Mahoney and Jenna Mansfield.   Please click here to see some photos from the first meeting.