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Fourth Graders Enjoy The Holiday STEAM Party
Students with their plastic cup Christmas treeFranklin Fourth Graders in Mrs. Meucci’s room had fun at a classroom Holiday STEAM Party before Winter Break.
The students were divided into groups to participate in four holiday-themed STEAM activities, including making a parachute out of coffee filters and cup cake papers to enable a Santa figurine to safely land after being dropped off a ladder; using popsicle sticks and Play Dough to build a shelf for the Elf on the Shelf; building as tall of a Christmas tree as possible out of green plastic drinking cups; and making tree ornaments.
The students worked in pairs, with the exception of the ornament making activity, to problem solve and figure out a plan to construct objects that would meet the objectives of each task.
Many times the students’ first ideas were not successful, so they had to go back to the proverbial drawing board to identify what went wrong and how to correct it.
It was a great way to end the year!  Please click here to see some photos from this year's party.