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Lincoln Learners Back For Third Year Of Fun
Student using Play Dough
Forty Lincoln students in Kindergarten, First Grade, Third Grade and Fourth Grade are staying after school to participate in the Lincoln Learners Program.
The program is offered twice a month for students who want to reinforce their reading and math skills.  New this year is a STEAM component, as well as a monthly coding activity using PBS Kids Scratch Jr. coding program.
The program is offered in partnership with WQED and PBS.  Younger students are paired up with older students who act as learning mentors for the younger students.  The students work together in a variety of activities, including reading partners.  This is the third year this program has been offered at Lincoln.
Each week the students participate in three different activities.  One week, the students learned how to follow instructions, learned about shapes and the concept of equal parts.  To follow instructions, students played the game, "Candyland."  To learn about shapes, the students used the Tangram program on OSMO, and to learn about equal parts, the students had fun with Play Dough.
Please click here to see some photos from a Lincoln Learners session in February.