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Let Grand Rounds Help You With Your Health Care Questions
ACSHIC is partnering with Grand Rounds to provide you AND YOUR FAMILY with access to the most highly-ranked doctors in the country, and personal guidance for your healthcare needs.

The following Grand Rounds benefits are effective IMMEDIATELY and are available AT NO COST to you and your covered dependents.

Go to: to activate your account.  If you activate your account by October 15, 2016 you are eligible to win one of many $200 Visa gift cards.  Members and families must be enrolled in ACSHIC's medical plan to be eligible for Grand Rounds.

Here's what you can expect from Grand Rounds:

Expert Medical Opinions on existing conditions if you would like a second opinion or would like your medications or treatment plan reviewed.

Access to highly-ranked doctors (PCPs as well as specialists) within your insurance network.

Guidance and support through the healthcare system.  Grand Rounds can point you in the right direction, collect your medical records, book your appointments and make sure that you understand your options.