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Team 8A Helps To Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful
IMS students work to clean up the area around the Administration Building.For the fourth consecutive year, the students on Team 8A are working to keep Pennsylvania beautiful.

They are focusing on the area around their school--including the Administration Building and Bethel Park High School campus.

They worked in small groups, picking up trash and logging in exactly what they picked up.  The overwhelming piece of litter the students bagged were cigarettes.

They do this as part of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful's Litter Free School Zone Program and they participate in this activity twice a year.  They will do this again in the spring of 2018.

By doing this, the students gain a greater understanding of how important it is to dispose of trash properly.  They also hope the community is inspired by their efforts to keep their school litter-free and do their part to keep Bethel Park litter-free!

Please click here to see some photos from their Fall Clean-Up Day.