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If You Drop Off/Pick Up Your Child At IMS
An Important Message for Parents and Guardians Who Drop/Pick Up Their Children Off at IMS:

When dropping off your child at Independence Middle School before the start of school, please use the road which winds around the front of the school, rather than pulling into the IMS parking lot and dropping off your child.  Please drop your child off once you pull into the Parent Drop Off Lane, with your children getting out of the car and onto the sidewalk.  A sign has been posted, stating "Start Student Drop Off Here."  The sign is located near the top of the hill as parents pull around the front of the school. 

Please DO NOT drop your child off in the parking lot area where cars park.  By doing so, you cause your child to have to cross the road from the parking lot to the sidewalk to enter the building and put your child in harm's way as cars travel that road to drop their children off at school.

Officer Popp will continue to allow on staff members and the mini-buses to access the main parking lot area.  All parents dropping off their child will continue to be directed to the front of the IMS building.

A stop sign has been installed at the bottom of the outlet from the parent drop-off where traffic will take turns for the right of way.  Please adhere to the new stop sign as this is now a three-way stop.

We want your child to have a safe walk from your car into the school, and by only using the road that winds around the front of the school, your child's first step out of the car will place them safely on the sidewalk in front of the school.  

We have asked the Bethel Park Police Department to be present during drop off in the morning to assist parents in utilizing the correct drop off procedures.  We ask that you please allow an additional 5 to 10 minutes in your morning schedule, as there is a likelihood of increased traffic between 6:55 and 7:15 AM, as parents will only be able to access one drop-off point in front of IMS.

You can also use the drop-off at the bus path between the IMS and BPHS parking lot, rather than coming into the IMS parking lot. This is the same distance that our bus riders walk each morning when they are dropped off at IMS in the morning.

Please click here to view a five minute video which helps to explain/visualize the changes which have been made.

Similarly, if you pick your child up at dismissal (2:25 PM), we ask that you please PARK IN THE PARKING LOT and NOT line up in front of the IMS Main Entrance.  Mini-buses need to use the driveway in front of IMS from 2;15-2:25 in order to pick up students at the Main Entrance.

For parents picking up their child from IMS, you may use ANY vacant parking space (excluding handicapped spaces, unless this is applicable to you) while waiting for your child to arrive during dismissal.

We thank you for your cooperation!