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Students Welcome Holocaust Survivor To BPHS
Mr. Chandler and a group of BPHS students
Bethel Park High School English and Social Studies students welcomed Holocaust survivor Howard Chandler to their school to learn about his experiences during World War II.
Mr. Chandler explained that he was a 14 year old boy living near Warsaw, Poland when the German Army came through their town and isolated the Jewish population into ghettos.  He and his father worked in a factory making munitions for the German Army until the Germans one day moved all of the Jewish people into the town square and separated them, sending them on trains to concentration camps.  That is when Mr. Chandler, his father and his brother were separated from his mother, other brother and sister.
Throughout the war, Mr. Chandler lived in three concentration camps, including Auschwitz, where he was separated from his father and brother, only to be reunited with his brother at the Theresienstadt camp in Czechoslovakia. 
During his talk with the Bethel Park students, he talked about the deplorable living conditions and how the Nazis killed 10,000 people a day in the gas chambers. 
He opened his talk by saying, "I'm just an ordinary person, who is here today to share a sad story, but it's an important story."  Now, 89 years old, he currently lives in Canada.  You can learn more about Mr. Chandler's story by clicking here
Bethel Park High School students are familiar with the Holocaust through their study of the books, Night and Mouse
Mr. Chandler's visit was sponsored by the Pittsburgh-based organization Classrooms Without Borders.   To see some photos of Mr. Chandler's visit to Bethel Park High School, please click here.  Please click here to read the story which appeared in The Almanac.  Please click here to read the story which appeared in the Post-Gazette.