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Team 7C Students Work Their Way Out Of Egyptian Escape Rooms
Students search for clues in the IMS Library
As part of their unit of study on Egypt, the students on Team 7C participated in two Egyptian-themed activities.
First, they paired-up to work their way through a virtual Egyptian Escape Room.  Students met in the IMS Library and searched for clues to escape, which were located throughout the Library.  Once the students received their clues, they used tools such as Morse code, the periodic table of elements and hieroglyphics to escape from one room in the maze and work their way to Room 13 of the maze.
Once the students completed the maze, they turned into ancient scribes and wrote two letters to active American soldiers.  The letters were written in hieroglyphics on one side, with the English translation on the other. One of the soldiers the students regularly communicate with especially enjoys using the hieroglyphics key that the students also send with their letters to de-code the letters.
Students on Team 7C regularly correspond with American troops throughout the school year, to tell them about what they are doing in school and to thank the troops for their service.
Please click here to see some photos from the Egyptian Escape Room and the hieroglyphics letters.