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Slippery Rock Orchestra Director Works With BPHS Students
Dr. Davidson conducts the BPHS String Orchestra
Bethel Park High School Orchestra students benefited from an instructional session with Dr. Warren Davidson from Slippery Rock University.
Dr. Davidson accepted the invitation of Bethel Park High School Orchestra Director Stephanie Glover to spend a day working with the students in the Freshman Orchestra, the String Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra as they prepare for their November 16 Fall Concert.
Dr. Davidson listened to the students play two songs from their upcoming concert, then he took the podium to help them smooth over some areas that needed extra attention.
He encouraged the students to do things such as "make more noise," "use more bow," and "listen for the silence between the notes."  He commended the students for sounding "clean" and "tight" and he reminded them to be cognizant of the details of their performance.
Dr. Davidson also gave a plug for the orchestra at Slippery Rock University, that encourages participation from non-music majors.  Mrs. Glover explained that the school might be a good option for students who do not want to major in music but still want to continue playing and performing with their instruments.
Thank you, Dr. Davidson, for sharing your expertise with the students.  Please click here to see some photos of Dr. Davidson's work with the String Orchestra.