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Students Sample Books Through Book Tasting
IMS students sample books at a Book Tasting Event
Independence Middle School students learned they can't solely judge a book by its cover after participating in a Book Tasting event held in the school library.
Librarian Mrs. Heasley had a variety of new books arranged on the library's tables by genre, and students were encouraged to "sample" 10 books.  To assist them with their sampling, they were given a Sampling Scoresheet, where they had to rate a book on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best) on five categories: cover, synopsis/summary, first page/vocabulary, thickness/length, and eagerness to read beyond the first page.
Once the students ranked the books in all five categories, they gave the book an overall score.
Mrs. Heasley encouraged the students to also look at books they might not normally check out. The goal of the exercise was to open up students' knowledge of books and for them to build a list of books that they could add to their Destiny accounts. 
The students had no trouble finding books that interested them. Wesley Heath likes action books.  Tatum Brown quickly found two books she liked. She is a fan of Scott Westerfield's books.  Friends Cora Martin Farmer and Emily Smith share a love of horror stories, and especially like the books by Stephen King.
Please click here to see some photos from the Book Tasting Event.