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Fourth Graders Go Pumpkin Chunkin'
Fourth graders launch candy pumpkinsFranklin Fourth graders in all three Fourth Grade classes had the opportunity to participate in an optional STEAM project that involved their entire family.
Students who wished to participate worked at home with their families to build a catapult that would be able to shoot a candy pumpkin farther than their classmates could. Students could only use recycled materials to construct their catapults.
A wide variety of materials were used, including wood, boxes, rulers, tinker toys, pencils, clothes pins, PVC pipe, spoons, bottle caps, cups, bungee cords, rubber bands and even a mouse trap! Many of the catapults were decorated with a Halloween theme.
It was a beautiful fall Friday afternoon for the students to go outside behind their school to put their catapults to the test. Each student had three pumpkins they could launch.
The catapult that launched a pumpkin the farthest was one built by Arlo Yarroll, which traveled 92 feet. Keira Ross' catpult came in Second Place at 73 feet, followed by Charlotte Gaston s catapult--63 feet (Third Place), T.J. Burt's catapult--52 feet (Fourth Place) and Kate Haner's catapult--47 feet (Fifth Place).
The students were excited to participate in this activity and were extremely supportive of their classmates’ efforts.
Franklin Fourth Graders are taught by Mrs. Gallaher, Mrs. Luzader and Mrs. Meucci.
Please click here to see some photos from this year's Pumpkin Chunkin' event!