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Blood Drives Recognized By Central Blood Bank
PACS students who coordinate the Central Blood Bank Blood DrivesThanks to the efforts of the students on the Principals Advisory Council for Students (PACS), many lives are saved through the four blood drives that are coordinated on behalf of the Central Blood Bank.
The blood drives have become a successful tradition at Bethel Park, as the high school was recently honored by the Central Blood Bank at a luncheon that recognized the top 20 donor organizations in 2017, which also included local universities and large corporations. Last year, Bethel Park High School collected 351 units of blood, which the Blood Bank estimates was used to save 1,053 lives.
The first blood drive of the 2017-2018 school year was held on October 11 and it was the most successful drive held at the school since April 2014, with 102 registered donors. The Blood Bank was able to collect 81 units of whole blood and two platelets, with 19 deferrals.
Because of its success, the October 11 Blood Drive was recognized as Central Blood Bank’s Blood Drive of the Week.
Coordinating this year’s Blood Drives on behalf of PACS is senior Sabrina Tatalias.
Thanks to everyone who has supported BPHS Blood Drives in the past and we thank you for your future support as well!