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Students Record 'This I Believe' Essays
Students record their "This I Believe" essays
Seventh grade students in Mrs. Marshall's Language Arts classes wrote and recorded their own "This I Believe" essays.  This project is patterned after the popular 1950s radio program hosted by Edward R. Murrow, that encourages people to write and share essays describing their core values that guide their daily lives.
When the students finished writing their essay, they made audio recordings of them to mimic the original essays which were broadcast on the radio.  The students wrote about topics such as music, photography, football, teachers, the importance of communicating face-to-face, rather than via telephone, and determination.
The students did a fantastic job!  Please click here to see some photos of the students recording their "This I Believe" essays and click on the links below to hear some of the students' essays.  The link to the right of their recording is the written text.