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Orchestra Musicians Meet Professionals From Pittsburgh Symphony
Adam Liu
Bethel Park Orchestra students had the opportunity to listen to performances from two members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
Cellist Adam Liu and violist Penny Anderson Brill met the students in the auditorium and talked to them about their professional careers.  Additionally they played several pieces for the students.  Mr. Liu played two Bach pieces and a Beethoven duo piece with Mrs. Brill.  He also played two pieces on the erhu, which is the Chinese version of the violin.
Both musicians talked about ways to play professionally without being in a professional orchestra.  They stressed that if students are serious about professional music, they should practice between four and five hours a day. "Just like an athlete, it's a lot of hard work," explained Mr. Liu.  Mrs. Brill suggested that it's important to have a goal when practicing, such as working on tone or a specific piece of music.  She felt that the goal oftentimes was more important than the amount of time practicing.
Mr. Liu has been playing since he was a six year old in China.  He loves music because "it defies language and cultural barriers."   Please click here to see some photos of their visit to Bethel Park.