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Second Graders Learn About Trees
Students compare leaves to a chartSecond Graders in Ms. Francis’ room learned all about trees, thanks to a visit to their classroom by Ms. Francis’ sister, Mary Ann Danley, who was more than willing to share her love of the outdoors with the students.
The students talked a great deal about why trees are important, and they learned the meanings of tree-related words such as “deciduous” and “conifer.”
Mrs. Danley brought several examples of things that fall off of trees—besides leaves—including the osage orange (more commonly known and the monkey ball), the balls that fall from sweetgum trees, and acorns and buckeyes. The students enjoyed holding the items to closely examine them before passing them on to another classmate.
Mrs. Danley also had a variety of tree leaves with her, and the students were able to select two of the leaves, then compare them to pictures of leaves on several charts to determine what tree the leaves came from.
Every student received a copy of the book, Common Trees of Pennsylvania, which is a handy pocket guide they can take with them on their next walk in the woods to identify the trees they encounter on their travels.
In addition, the students also learned the Spanish words for things associated with trees, or in Spanish, arboles. Ms. Francis’ students are trying to learn as much Spanish as they can this year to support two of their classmates who moved to Bethel Park from Venezuela.
Please click here to see some photos from the lesson with Mrs. Danley.