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Garden Club Makes Terrariums
Lincoln students with their finished terrariums
At the November Lincoln Garden Club meeting, the students took advantage of the warmer November weather to meet outside to make terrariums.
The students each made two terrariums--one for their families and one to be delivered to the Overlook Green Assisted Living facility.
The students filled the terrariums with gravel, charcoal and dirt, and then selected three plants from a variety to choose from.  Then they planted them in their terrariums.  They tied instructions for the care of the terrarium to the jar's lid and now they have a reminder of how to care for their new plants, and the residents at Overlook Green will also know how to care for their terrariums. 
This year 20 Lincoln students are staying after school to participate in this fun group.  The group is scheduled to meet four times this school year. 
Please click here to see some photos from the terrarium making activity.