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Allegheny County Special Needs Registry
The Allegheny County Department of Emergency Services has developed a Special Needs Registry to provide information about residents who have special needs that would be helpful for emergency responders to know when responding to a home.

Any Allegheny County Resident who requires additional assistance due to special needs during a police, fire or medical emergency may submit information to the Registry.  This can include:

Individual with Autism;
Those who are Deaf/Blind;
Those who have Intellectual Disabilities;
Individuals who have Physical Challenges

In the even that the person with special needs is unable to submit information on their own, a person who is authorized to act on their behalf may do so.

This is a voluntary registry.

The information provided will be shared with 911, Fire, Police, EMS, Emergency Planners and First Responders in times of crisis.

To complete the Online Registration, please click here.