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Civil War Time Traveler Visits Fourth Grade

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Mrs. Meucci's Fourth Graders learned about the Northeast States during the Civil War, thanks to a visit to their class from a "Civil War Time Traveler!"
The "Time Traveler" was Civil War Captain Thomas Espy, portrayed by Franklin Computer Paraprofessional Jeff Blanc, who is also a Civil War Re-Enactor.
Captain Espy shared a letter with the students, dated November 26, 1862, from Pennsylvania soldier J.P. Holtz, that described life during the War and referenced many Pittsburgh area people and places, including Trax Farms.
Captain Espy explained that Pittsburgh played a major role in the Civil War, with foundries making canons and the arsenal making over 80 million bullet cartridges for the war effort.
His visit tied into the students' study of Northeast states, as the students learned how this region played an important role in the Civil War.  Please click here to see some photos from his visit to Franklin.