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Second Graders Design And Build Their Own Communities

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Franklin Second and Third Graders worked together on a project based learning project, centered around their Social Studies unit of study on communities.
Second Graders talked about the kinds of things that make a community special, and each student constructed a diorama building for the community.  Students created buildings such as grocery stores, Post Offices, libraries, schools, hospitals, fire and police stations, gas stations, hair salons and fitness facilities, to name a few.
Once they created their buildings, they talked about how their communities should be laid out, in terms of where each building should be placed.  Once they were placed on the floor, the Third Graders came in, working as engineers, to create traffic lights, roads, bridges, sidewalks, public transportation and trees, to make it a "green" community and easy to get around.
Mrs. Cook's class created a Town Square city.  Mrs. Vescovi's class created a River Town.  Miss Thomas' class created another Bethel Park, and added some things such as a train station and farm.
The students not only learned a great deal about community planning, but they also learned a great deal about working together in a group, brainstorming, planning, reflecting, revising and making a positive contribution to a larger whole.
The final products are outstanding!  Please click here to see some photos.