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36 Students Named AP Scholars

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Thirty-six Bethel Park High School students were named Advanced Placement Scholars by the College Board in recognition of those students who have demonstrated college level achievement through Advanced Placement Courses and Exams.

Students who take AP Exams can earn college credit, advanced placement or both for successful performance on the AP Exams.  Approximately 22 percent of the 2.8 million students world-wide who took AP Exams in 2019 performed at a sufficiently high level to earn an AP Scholar Award.
2019 graduate Jerry Varghese (currently attending Purdue University) was named a National AP Scholar for receiving an average score of 4 on all AP Exams taken, with scores of 4 or higher on eight or more exams.
Ten students were named AP Scholars with Distinction for receiving an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, with scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.  Bethel Park’s AP Scholars with Distinction are 2019 graduates Joseph Bilski (University of Pittsburgh), William Martin-Farmer (Pennsylvania State University), Jenna Peretin (University of Pittsburgh), Cameron Sillman (Baldwin Wallace University), Jerry Varghese (Purdue University), Alexa Will (University of Pittsburgh), Anton Yanovich (George Washington University), and seniors Xavier Gaefke, Hannah Gold and Molly Hoffman.
Eight students were named AP Scholars with Honor for receiving an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, with scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.  They are 2019 graduates Kobe Coleman (Allegheny College), Will Coplan (California Polytechnic State University), Regan Gray (Ohio University), Patra Hsu (Boston University), Zachary Janus (California University of Pennsylvania), Emma Petrick (Pennsylvania State University), and seniors Edric Craven and Sarah Long.
Seventeen students were named AP Scholars for receiving scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.  They are 2019 graduates Eliza Albenze (Pennsylvania State University), Elijah Allridge (Pennsylvania State University), Natalie Farmerie (University of Pittsburgh), Gavin Heinrichs-Majet (Community College of Allegheny College), Blake McGee (Vassar College), John Skaggs (University of Pittsburgh), Jillian Sullivan (Gannon University), Ryan Tischler (Purdue University), Holly Troesch (Washington and Jefferson College), Aidan Walsh (University of Pittsburgh), and seniors Alexander Brownfield, Adam Collier, Sebastian DiPrampero, Brian Einhaus, Caleb Shook, Anthony Will and Lily Wilson.
Bethel Park High School currently offers 19 Advanced Placement classes.