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BPHS' Société Honoraire de Français Inducts 27

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On June 7, the Bethel Park chapter of the Société Honoraire de Français inducted 27 new members. Due to the unique circumstances of the year, this year's ceremony was greatly scaled back and included just this year's inductees as well as the returning members of BPHS' French National Honor Society.  

The inductees received a certificate, while the returning members received a pin with their year of completion. In addition, the seniors received graduation cords of blue, white, and red, representative of the French flag.  

In order to be inducted as a member of the SHF, a student must maintain a 90% grade average in French for the year.

 French II
 French III
 French IV
 French V

French III Honors:

Leah Armstrong

Tatum Brown

Emily Ciranni

Anna Dusch

Aletris Eckert

Ashley Heath

Addison Hill

Anna Marie Lorenzi

Yingzhi Lu

Cora Martin-Farmer

Nolan Plassio

Natalie Sager

Max Smith

Katharine Tena

French III:

Anna Foor

Katelyn McGuigan

Ibrahim Miloua

Gabrielle Shogan

French II Honors:

Arabella Cicero

Bryce Clancy

April Lucidore

Grace Skalniak

French II:

Leo Devine

Jesse Lester

Cayden Lodge

Lidia Lorenzi

Margaret Pivetz

Returning Members:

French IV Honors:

Megan Cunningham

Toyosi Egbebi

Kylie Moon

Anna Rosemeier

Allison Scarlett

Evan Zelt

French V AP:

Weeam Boumaza

Amanda Malloy

Natalie Manns

Tobias Roule

Rachel Toth

Marissa Wycinsky