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Students Work On Their Stories During The Lunchtime Writers Club

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Lincoln students have the opportunity to work on their stories for the 2019 WQED Writer's Contest during the Lunchtime Writers Club.
The club meets for four Wednesdays in Mrs. DeGregorio's classroom during indoor recess time, to meet with staff members who volunteer to help the students work on strengthening their writing skills as they prepare their entries for WQED's 2019 Young Writer's Contest.
Students get help with developing characters with a description, building a story with solid story structure, including a beginning, middle and end; and many other writing skills.
Once the stories have been revised and edited, they will be published into 6x9 inch books in the Lincoln Publishing Center, with a cover made from cereal boxes covered with wallpaper.  The entries will be sent to WQED and a second copy of their story will be included in the "Lincoln Authors" Basket that can be found in the Lincoln Library.
Lincoln is proud to announce that 77 students wrote and illustrated stories to enter into the 2019 WQED Writer's Contest!  All of the edited and revised stories were published into 6x9 books, whose covers were made from cereal boxes covered with wallpaper samples, in the Lincoln Publishing Center.  Students received two copies of their books: one for the contest and one that was put into the "Lincoln Author" section of the Library.  Students also received a blank 6x9 book and a pencil as an incentive to continue writing their stories. 

Good luck to all the students who are entering the Writer's Contest!  Write on!  Please click here to see some photos of students working on their stories.