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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Students Are Learning To Develop A Maker's Mindset

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Throughout the school year, Lincoln students will be participating in four Maker Mindset events.

During these events, the students are grouped across grade levels and placed with a variety of teachers who lead the students in a several fun, hands-on STEAM-based activities, with a focus on developing a growth mindset.
The activities help the students to develop the four qualities of a growth mindset: integrity, grit, creativity and confidence.
Each activity begins with the reading of a story, which exemplifies the trait associated with the activity. Then the students work in pairs or small groups, depending on the activity.
For example, in the confidence activity, students learned about the importance of standing tall and they were challenged to work together to make as tall of a structure as possible using pennies, paper and plastic cups. They also created a spin toy using pennies, sticks and paper plates that could spin as long as possible.
In the grit activity, students played with tangrams, blocks with pattern and Jenga.  In the integrity activity, the students learned about fulcrums, and in the creativity activity, the students transformed 2D shapes into 3D forms.
By grouping the students across grade levels, they are able to build relationships with one another as well as with different members of the Lincoln staff.
Please click here to see some photos from a recent Maker's Mindset afternoon.