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Students Love Lincoln Learners

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The 24 students who participated in the Spring Session of the Lincoln Learners had the opportunity to pilot a new science-based exploration program from WQED and PBS.

The curriculum for this after school program was created by Lincoln staff members Mrs. Douds and Mrs. Pazuchanics, as an inquiry-based curriculum that pairs kindergarten and first grade students (“Littles”) with third and fourth grade students (“Bigs”) to work together on projects to reinforce their understanding of concepts such as sink/float, forces and motion, structures and perspectives.
The idea is for the students to explore and experiment together. For example, in the sink/float unit, students were given several different materials, such as Styrofoam plates, aluminum foil, pool noodles, masking tape, plastic eggs and silly putty, and tasked with creating something that would float.
Once the students built their boats/rafts, they were able to test them in large containers of water. Once they had their structures built to their satisfaction, they started adding weight, in the form of pebbles, to the structures to see how well they were able to stay afloat with the extra weight.
Please click here to see some photos from the Spring Session.