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Second Graders Make Cave Art

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Washington Second Grade students enjoyed participating in a STEAM Cave Art project.

Art Teacher Mrs. Mittner and Librarian Mrs. Minella taught the students about cave art, including a discussion about how cave art could present a good picture of how life was life back then. They also discussed the natural materials that the cave dwellers used to create their cave art, including charcoal, ground rock and animal fat.
Mrs. Mittner then asked the students to create their own modern day cave art, by painting something that would help archaeologists in the future to learn what life is like today.
To enhance the learning experience, Mrs. Mittner and Mrs. Minella built a cave out of butcher paper in the Library, hung the students’ artwork in the cave and gave the students the opportunity to view their artwork in the cave with a flashlight, just like an archaeologist.
This was definitely the highlight of this year’s Art and Science Fair at Washington.  Please click here to see some photos from the Cave Art Project.