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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Kindergarten Students 'Fall' Into Lincoln

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Lincoln Kindergarten students prepared themselves for their first year of school by attending the "Fall Into Lincoln" Program!  This year's program featured the Cat in the Hat and incorporated science-themed explorations.
Nine students and their parents participated in this four-day program, which began with breakfast before the students and parents went their separate ways.
While the students watched a PBS-produced video featuring the Cat in the Hat and his friends, parents met with Librarian Mrs. Pazuchanics to talk about the activities they would be guiding their children through once the video introduced the concept for the day.  Topics covered during the week included the science of musical pitch, bounce properties, bridge building and sorting.
After the video, students and their parents worked through a series of hands-on activities.  For example, on the day the students studied pitch, they had a chance to play with empty containers--such as potato chip canisters and pie plates--to see what kinds of sounds they would make; taping different size straws together and blowing into it to make different sounds; stretching different widths of rubber bands over a box to see the difference in sounds; and working on an iPad.
Lincoln partners with WQED and PBS to offer this program to interested incoming Kindergarten students to help them to learn how to get up early for school, meet new classmates, familiarize themselves with school and learn science.
The program is coordinated by Librarian Mrs. Pazuchanics and First Grade Teacher Mrs. Dowds.  Please click here to see some photos from the program.
Welcome to Kindergarten!