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Students Improve Their Math Skills During Hawk Time

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Franklin Second Graders had fun learning about Place and Digit Values during Hawk Time with Mrs. Galloway and Mrs. Carr.
To learn about Place Value, the students were given large pieces of paper with a single digit number on it and then they came to the front of the class in groups of three to make three digit numbers.  The students sitting on the floor had the opportunity to share their knowledge of three digit numbers by saying which number was in the hundreds column; which number was in the tens column and what number was in the ones column.  Then the students holding the numbers had fun re-arranging themselves to make the largest and smallest three digit number possible using the numbers they were holding.
Next, the students will move onto four digit numbers, where they will learn about the thousands column!
The students also learned about Digit Values by working in small groups with their teachers on some fun worksheets that helped to reinforce the concepts they learned in their regular classrooms.
Who knew math could be so fun?  Please click here to see some photos of Mrs. Galloway and the students.