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Students Learn The Power Of 'Yet'

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Washington students are developing a Growth Mindset and harnessing the Power of "Yet."
During Hawk Time, the students, with the help of Instructional Support Teacher Mrs. Cusick and Reading Specialist Mrs. Galentine, talked about some of the things the students would like to be able to do, but they aren't able to do yet.  Then the students wrote down on a piece of paper one thing they would like to be able to do.
Mrs. Galentine read the story, Giraffes Can't Dance, about Gerald the giraffe and the teasing he took from the other jungle animals because he couldn't dance very well.  But Gerald didn't give up, and by the end of the story, with the help from his friend the cricket, he was able to become the best dancer in the jungle.
Mrs. Cusick explained that there is a difference between "I can't" and "I can't yet."  She told the students that Gerald exhibited a growth mindset, because he didn't give up, even though he was not successful with his first attempt at dancing.  She also explained that mistakes should be viewed as a "great thing" because they are expected, corrected and respected. 
Then the students returned to their worksheet to complete the sentence, "But if I _____________, I will be able to..."  Some of their responses included practice, learn from mistakes and try, try again.
Mrs. Cusick and Mrs. Galentine called the students "Yetis," not the abominable snowmen type, but people who use the Power of Yet. 
Please click here to see some photos of third graders completing their "Yet" worksheets.