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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

IMS Eighth Grade Awards Program

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Independence Middle School held its annual Eighth Grade Awards Program to recognize those students who excelled academically, athletically, musically and for their efforts to lead and help their fellow students.  Awards were presented to:

•      Anastasia Williams and Evan Manion – American Legion Award
•      Natalie Miller and Bella Hogan – Sgt. Russel Kurtz Patriotism Award
•      Frank Visnikar and Jack Hatten – VFW Patriot’s Penn Essay Contest
•      Victoria Hoffman – Bethel Woman’s Club Award
•      Taylon Jeffries and Toyosi Egbebi – Principal’s Award
•      Jack Kirchner and Abby Griffith – Assistant Principal’s Award
•      Aidan Gorman and Kaylin Bauer – Counselors’ Award
•      Luca Ragnelli, Jack Kirchner, Sara Sodini, Katerina Velisaris, Rosemary Boateng, Michael Bruni, Abigail Griffith, Julie Heh, Victoria Hoffman, Victoria Krapp, Macy Mathias, Janel Nguyen, Olivia Underwood, Keelan Donovan and Anna Wageley – Spanish Awards
•      Shelby Yonish, Zachary Bradford, Kaylin Bauer and Nicholas Como – German Awards
•      Aleko Fekos, Kylie Moon, Anna Rosemeier, Isabelle Finnegan and Briauna Harris – French Awards
•      Lily Gaston and Jameson Meyers – Latin Awards
•      Alyjah Carter, Shia Epperson and Anayah Hunter – FCCLA Awards
•      Olivia Underwood, Sadie Fedor, Kaitlyn Muench, Victoria Hoffman, Anna Rosemeier, Elijah Straub and Ella Stewart – Drama Club Awards
•      Isabella Zallo and Evan Isenberg – Nancy Gleason Gavola Award in Drama
•      Kaylin Bauer – Suzanne Reid Music Award
•      James Myers (Argumentative) and Tori Krapp (Narrative) – Stephen Chbosky Writing Award
•      Ben Tupper and Julie Heh – Marissa Boyan Scholar Athlete Award
•      Girls Soccer Team – IMS Athletic Team Academic Award
•      Anna Rosemeier and John Robert (Team 8A)Abigail Griffith and Maxwell Blanc (Team 8B); and Sadie Fedor and Frederick Schein (Team 8C)– Stephanie Petit Award
•      Rosemary Boateng, Alexandros Fekos, Victoria Hoffman, Janel Nguyen and Anna Rosemeier – Attendance Awards
Please click here to see some photos from the program.