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Squonk Visits Franklin

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Franklin students annually look forward to a visit to their school from Squonk, to learn about some cool, STEAM-themed topics!
This year's program was called "A Big Hand For Science," and students learned about their hands.
First, they talked about the kinds of things they can do to communicate with their hands, including gestures and sign language.  Steve and Jackie from Squonk taught the students some simple sign language phrases, such as "hello," "how are you" and "wonderful."
They also talked about how hands can identify things by touch, and one student was selected to put her hand into four "Mystery Boxes," containing items such as a hair brush, a stuffed animal, a football and a wig, and she had to identify the item by touch alone.
Steve and Jackie also used a giant model of a hand to show students how the muscles, tendons and bones in the hand work.  Students also learned the concept of opposable thumbs and talked about the difference between the human hand and animal paws and hooves.
The assembly ended with students using their hands to make music, as they played crazy instruments and clapped their hands to various beats.  It was a fun way to learn about the science behind hands.
Please click here to see some photos from one of the two assemblies held at Franklin.